How To: Do backhand return serve options for squash

Do backhand return serve options for squash

Squash is a racquet sports game, seemingly similar to tennis, but played on a small indoor court with hollow rubber ball, much small than a tennis ball. Squash is an intense, high impact sport. This squash tutorial demonstrates backhand return serve options for squash.

Squash Basics:

* Squash is played between two individuals (singles) or two teams of two (doubles) on a Squash Court.
* One player serves to start a rally which proceeds until one player hits the ball out or down or fails to hit the ball before it has bounced twice.
* Squash can be played using a couple of scoring options, traditional (International) scoring and point a rally scoring (PARS).
* Squash Players having a social game can modify the rules to their own requirements.

Squash Safety and Fitness:

* If your fitness is poor or you haven't played Squash for some time, don't overdo it.
* Remember, Squash is a fast game. If you have a rally which requires a lot of short sharp movement, it may take your body a moment or two before it realises that a lot of oxygen is needed for recovery.
* This can result in a sudden increase in heart rate.
* This is not a good thing for those who lack fitness.

Squash Scoring:

International (Traditional)
* A point is scored only when the server wins a rally.
* When the server loses a rally he or she loses the right to serve and the opponent becomes the server.
* When a point has been scored durng play, the server must serve from the opposite service box.
* The first player to nine points wins a game.
* A match usually consists of the best of five games; that is, the first player to win three games wins the match.
* If, in any game, the score reaches eight-all, then the player who reaches 8 first, decides whether that game is to be played to nine (Set 1) or ten points (Set 2).
* The first player to reach the chosen number of points wins the game.

Do backhand return serve options for squash

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